Frequently Asked Questions

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What aircraft do you use?

Fight Vision utilizes sUAV’s (small unmanned aerial vehicles).  A UAV is defined as a "powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely". We can coordinate or arrange aerial photography from a helicopter or plane if your needs require it.


Are these drones?

Drone, a name in general use by the public, came into being as a result old military unmanned aircraft  being compared to the male bee.  The term unmanned aircraft system (UAS) was adopted by the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration.  The aircraft itself is commonly referred to an unmanned arerial vehicle (UAV). It includes elements such as ground control stations, data links and other support equipment.


What Area do you service?

Generally Central Florida. Contact us to discuss your project, we are flexible.


Are you licensed?

Yes.  All Flight Vision Pilots hold an FAA SUAS Airman Certificate (Small Unmanned Aircraft System license).


Are your sUAV’s registered?

Yes.  Flight Vision sUAV’s are registered per FAA regulations.


Do you have Insurance?

Flight Vision standard liability insurance coverage is $1,000,000.  Insurance coverage up to $10,000,000 can be provided (certain conditions may apply, ask for a quote).


Do you have a “333 Exemption”?

No.  Flight Vision operates under the provisions of FAA Part 107. As of 8/29/2016, the FAA instituted CFR Part 107. All Part 333 Exemption operators will have to transition to Part 107 operations within two years and hold a UAS Airman Certificate


How high can a UAV fly?

FAA limits small UAV’s to a maximum altitude of 400’ above ground level.  Flights above 400’ feet are allowed if photographing or inspecting a structure higher than 400’


How far can you fly?

FAA regulations require sUAVs to be observed by the pilot at all times. In addition, operational requirements may limit distance.


How fast can a sUAV fly?

Flight Vision sUAVs can fly 90 KPH if required. High quality video generally requires slower flight speeds. Wind speed and direction will affect maximum speed.


How long can a UAV fly?

sUAV’s are generally powered by lightweight high capacity batteries.  Flight times vary depending on weather conditions and operational parameters.  For planning, we use a 15 minute flight segment. Many projects can be accomplished within one or two flight segments.


Can you fly longer than 15 minutes?

For special needs, longer flight times can be provided up to 25 minutes.


Are there limitations on where sUAV’s can operate?

Yes, there are some limitations, primarily around airports. Please contact us to discuss your project.


Can you fly over people?

As a general rule no. Operation over people is prohibited unless they are under cover, or are directly involved in the project and have received a safety briefing.


How good is the video/photography?

Flight Vision sUAV’s utilize 3 axis gyro stabilized cameras.  Video can be recorded at up to 4k resolution. Still images are 4000 by 3000 pixels.


When will I get my video/pictures?

If you do not require any post flight editing, you will receive a USB drive on site. (Large projects will be provided within two business days).


What format are the videos/pictures?

Video can be recorded in either .mov or .mp4 formats.  Still pictures are available as either .jpg or DNG (Raw).  Contact us to discuss any projects requiring loss less (Raw) video.







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