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In today’s highly competitive real estate market, improved maketing is now a major priority.


Traditional forms of marketing are being replaced by smartphones, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Help potential buyers put your listings at the top of their list of "must sees".


sUAV aerial photography, videos and house video walkthroughs can give real estate companies a distinct advantage over their competitors.


sUAV aerial photography can show the entire scope of a property and all the characteristics and advantages of its location. Location is everything!


For a potential buyer, a familiarity with the property is already established before the first visit.  


Buyers for high end properties demand more information and photos.  Many buyers of expensive properties do not have the time to visit multiple properties "just to get a look".

In addition to aerial photography and video, Flight Vsion offers stablized (3 axis) ground video for interior or walk-throughs.



Benefits of Using sUAV photography in Real Estate



Dramatic, compelling images.


Well-designed sUAV camera shots not only look incredibly professional, they generate interest that you can’t get from ground-based photography.


More interesting virtual tours.


A sUAV can literally fly into a home through the front door, and travel throughout every room, creating a far more natural virtual tour than station-based photography can.


Highlight  property features.


Landscaping, pools, walking paths and back yards are important to many buyers. So are nearby parks and schools.

Aerial photos & video bring these advantages to life.


Generate new business.


Aerial videos and photos show prospective sellers that you take advantage of every opportunity to make their property stand out.


Out-market the competition.


It’s a well-known fact that listings that look better and provide more information, sell better.


 Save money.


SUaAV aerial photos or video is less expensive and easier to arrange than a helicopter or a fixed wing aircraft.




Drones in Luxury Home Marketing


The visual advantages of camera drones have most impacted the way that expensive luxury homes are presented on the MLS and on agent’s websites.


Buyers of multi-million dollar homes often shop online first, so they expect high-quality photography and video in the online listing or they won’t bite.


It’s hard to argue that in the luxury property market, drone photography has upped the real estate marketing game in a big way.


Whether it’s to highlight the waterfront view, a gorgeous garden, or a really cool swimming pool, aerial drone photography captures the beauty and the utility of a home far better than ground-based photography or video can.

One day soon, drone video or photography in real estate listings may be a minimum requirement in many markets.


That’s because from the top-down, the real estate industry is embracing drone/UAV photography as an important and valuable emerging technology.


The NAR recently compiled a Field Guide to Drones and Real Estate.  



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