Fire Department and Police Department Uses


  • Aerial Search and Rescue
  • Hostage Situations
  • Brush Fires
  • Building Fires
  • Advance Action Planning
  • Infrared Cameras by FLIR.  Can be equipped to take Radiometric Temperature Readings
  • Feed SUAV camera live feed to onsite HDMI monitors
  • Use wireless HDMI transmitters to provide multiple monitors
  • sUAV's are virtually noiseless, you can hear a helicopter a mile away!
  • Monitor and manage situations from up to 400' altitude
  • Always available, no need to call for county or state helicopter. Everything in one case can fit in any vehicle.
  • Low initial cost, hourly operation cost and maintanance cost
  • Training. Monitor performance from above.
  • Standard camera, Telephoto camera, Low or high resolution FlIR cameras mount on same aircraft.
  • Flight Timevaries by type of sUAV, typical 20-40 minutes. Land and change battery in 5 minutes.


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