sUAV Aerial Inspections

Using sUAVs for aerial inspections, inspection crews can avoid unnecessary climbing risks and can increase the number of inspections performed in a day compared to your current process.


Our aerial inspections are safe, fast and more cost-efficient than traditional methods of tower inspection.


Tower Climbers/Inspectors have one of the highest casuality and death rates from falls.


sUAV inspection eliminates the need for your employees to risk their lives by performing visual inspections.  If the sUAV inspection indicates a need for a closer inspection, a traditional climbing inspection can be performed or scheduled. Lower your risks to employees and potential liability or workers compensation claims.


The ability to get to places that were too costly or physically prohibitive in the past to inspect will allow your crew to make up to date, educated decisions.


High resolution (4K) video or photos can be downloaded from sUAV and reviewed on or offsite.


View live feed from sUAV at on ground HDMI monitor or livestream to management for a decision on a climb or repair.


Please Note:

Towers with guy wires limit manuerability and may limit inpection capabilities.  If your tower utililizes guy wires, please contact us to discuss your needs.





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